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Robust Software Solutions

Harder Software provides custom software and development services to businesses throughout Canada, specializing in application integration and healthcare claims automation.

We pride ourselves in our robust and maintainable solutions, extending the life cycle of our products well beyond typical custom applications. We do the hard stuff for our clients, allowing them to concentrate on the things they do best.

Whether you wish to license or customize an existing product, have a new product developed, or simply use our expertise within your own development team, we can provide the tools and resources to suit your needs.

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Areas of Expertise

Is our company the right one to get your job done? If you have requirements in any of the following areas, then the answer is YES!

and Standards

If it’s TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SOAP, REST, SMTP, XML, JSON, HL7, or any other protocol or standard, you can count on us to understand and implement it.

Communications Security

We can provide you with industry standard security, such as SSL/TLS and X509 certificates to give you the confidence that data transmitted across networks are secure from prying eyes.

Portable Application Development

We can develop desktop or server applications in almost any environment you wish. Because we use standard languages and libraries, we can easily port these to other environments.

Technologies and Standards

We use open source tools whenever we can, as these tend to be most portable across the various development environments. We adhere to application and development standards wherever possible. Technologies and standards that we typically employ are:

Operating Systems

Windows, MacOS, Linus, and other flavours of *nix.


Specializing in C/C++, Delphi, PHP and other scripting languages.

There is no language we cannot master.


PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle.


Strong encryption using OpenSSL SSL/TLS, X509 certificates.